Get Cheaper Dollar

A conference is set to be held by all the commercial chambers of Iraq, at The Meridian Hotel in Baghdad, to discuss methods of stabilizing the official exchange rate of the US Dollar at the 1,320 IQD.
Intensive meetings are to be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March. The conference, organized by the central bank of Iraq, is to be attended by representatives of the ministry of commerce, central bank, tax and customs departments, factories, and businessmen.

Below are the meeting timetables;
Saturday 4th March;
From 10 to 12 AM – Opening Ceremony held by the central bank
From 1 to 6 PM – debates and discussions.

Fifth of March;
Activities by general exhibitions company and registering dept. of the ministry of commerce from 10 to 12 AM.
B2B Dialogue to be held in the whole afternoon

The last day is set for illustrations by tax and costume offices of the ministry of finance followed B2B discussions.