Developing New Commercial Ties

Aiming at strengthening commercial and industrial connection, a big delegation from the chamber will head to Greece and Armenia.

Sirwan Muhammad is going to lead a delegation that will include the representatives of fifty companies to the above mentioned countries, starting with Greece, where a busy program is scheduled including several meetings with governmental officials, businessmen and managers of the exhibitions that will be held on the 16th of May lasting for three days in the city of Saloniki.

As confirmed by the president of the chamber, the visits come in response to invitations received from the Consuls of Greece and Armenia in Erbil. Besides, there are commercial ties between Kurdistan Region and those two countries. These ties can be further promoted due to the minimal geographical distance between the countries. Furthermore, the products of Greece and Armenia are favored by Iraqi and Kurdistani consumers.

The delegation, within a scheduled program, will meet industrial and commercial public and official leaders to boost the business between our region and the host countries. The tourism Industry will also be benefited, as Kurdistan is a beautiful land full of attractions.