Continuous Activities of the Chamber in Greece

The delegation of the Slemani chamber of commerce is in works to arrange for new markets, to define the capability of the chamber in particular and commercial importance of Slemani city. On the one hand get acquainted with Greek products, and on the other hand, introduce themselves, businessmen, trade companies, factories and sectors involved in tourism.

The delegation members are confident that Kurdistan will gain the interest of tourists, traders and manufacturers, exporters and importers. They pointed out to the fact that Slemani’s chamber is the busiest and the most active commercial, industrial and agricultural establishment in Kurdistan and Iraq. This fact is due to the geographic location of the city and the prestigious level of education of its inhabitants.

The commercial activities have necessitated the construction of hundreds of warehouses for storage of goods, before distributing them to other cities of inside the country. In return, the Greek traders and top officials showed great response to their guests; the minister of agriculture of Salonik welcomed the delegation, while the deputy minister of public affairs paid them a visit and listened closely to their suggestions.

The members of the delegation were very keen to visit, and even participate in the exhibition. Eventually some memorandums of understanding were signed and contracts and deals of purchasing were approved