Farewell Message of The Managing Board

As the period of the eleventh round of the managing board and the head of chamber comes to an end, they published a parting letter to the Kurdistan people announcing the termination of their services on 5th October 2023 and the election of a new board simultaneously.
The letter says: “We, as the president and members of the managing board, would like seize this opportunity to thank the employees of SCCI for their loyalty and hard works all the way for the length of our period.
We also extend our thanks to the tradesmen, traders, businessmen, manufacturers and governmental officials who cooperated with us in achieving what has been achieved in the private sector and in reviving the economic infrastructure.”
The board reminds the public that their period of work had coincided with economic crisis, War against ISIS, wages’ cut, COVID 19, and political unrest. Despite all these obstacles, the chamber could serve the private sectors to enable the government in building our land of Kurdistan.
The chamber worked hard to represent the private sector and in helping law-makers legislate and enact rules and regulations, alongside proposing projects that help in reviving and strengthening the economy.
“We are proud of our performances; we were chosen as the best chamber in Kurdistan and in Iraq as well, and the gold medal was awarded to the head of the chamber. Our chamber was the leader in digitalizing our works and in providing warehouses.
On the one hand, the chamber had helped Peshmarga in their fight against terrorism by donating hundreds of millions of Iraqi Dinars to them. We also pioneered in helping Rozhava fighters and the victims of Shangal Genocide. We donated tens of millions of Dinars to equip local hospitals. The chamber could donate more than 25.000 food baskets to the needy people. One the other hand we could acquisitive the possession of the industrial zone, and also become the owner of the international fair, and could find solutions to the problems that faced the tradesmen and manufacturers.
We, the outgoing board, are confident that the new elected board and president will continue doing their best in serving their lovely city Slemani. At a time when we offer them a big symbolic and material capital, we are certain that the economy of the governorate will grow even better.
Nevertheless we remain under their disposal”.

The Eleventh Managing Board of SCCI
Slemani Sept. 21 2023