Baghdad Ready to Help Slemani Economically

The Iraqi MP Bryar Rashid held a fact-finding discussion over the economic recession of Slemani in the chamber.

The president of the chamber explained that the recession comprises commerce, industry, agriculture and tourism. He demanded to follow certain steps to improve the economy of his city like:

– Opening branches of Iraqi banks.
– Ease the difficulties of exporting the local productions to southern cities.
– Enact the Iraqi protection law of national productions in Slemani as well as other cities.
– Granting bank loans to individual and company projects.
– Supplying electricity to the factories on the basis of the Iraqi Federal Government laws.

For his part, Mr. Rashid said that all the requirements are logic and that he will do his best to enact them.
He also expressed his delight to find the chamber elected as the best in the country.