Deputy Prime Minister Addresses the Chamber

Deputy Prime Minister Addresses the Chamber:

‘Mr. President

Messrs members of the board

I congratulate you all, on the occasion of being honored by the union of Iraqi chambers for being chosen as the most active chamber in the scopes of invention, trade and investment.

I regret for not being able to attend the ceremony. Nevertheless, for the better parts of the past few years, I have been working with you closely, becoming aware of your works and activities. And I am not surprised to find getting awarded.

Indeed, you are entitled for even greater prizes, for businessmen and investors of Slemani were cooperating with the government and people alike, during times of hardship that lasted for years.

The officials and the inhabitants alike are aware of misfeasance and bad administration of the government, despite all that, many institutions in this governorate were excelling their Iraqi counterparts, such as Slemani’s university, police department, fire extinguisher, and health sector.

All these achievements are due to the culture of critics and consciousness of the city inhabitants. We, as for our part, remain responsive to criticism that acts like a mirror to show our short-comings, that we try to improve nonetheless. And we try to offer our best services to our region and our people.

Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister’