Samar Whitticombe
The Long Term Plan for Iraq
Alan Mohammed
Elections and corruptions
Dlawar Sofy
Some personal thoughts… re our Kurdish warrior women
Shiaw khoshnaw
Corruption in Iraqi Health Sector
Sarika Rachuri
Big Push to Agriculture through Minimum Support Price
Hasara Ismail
Human Trafficking and Corruption
Ivanka Ruskova
CPH Career: deciphering a job ad
Bezhan Khairullah
Economy of Spain over the Last Decades
Madeleine White
A Safe Space
rezhwan hiwa abdulla
Elinor Ostrom
Shock snap general election in the UK
Ako Tofiq
Great Economist: Robert D. Tollison
Daban Sabir
Capitalism and the Economic Crisis in Kurdistan
Daban Najmadeen
The Fall in Oil Price
Sherko Hama Amin
Turkey's security concerns, and the 50-year oil deal
Miran Faraidun Jalal
Creating demand: Push and Pull strategy
Judit Neurink
The banks invade our privacy
asoo othman
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil in KRG
Brwa Abdulla Ahmed
Corruption effects in business investments in Iraq and KRG
Hasara Ismail
The Competitive Advantage of Michael Porter
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