Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)
Sulaimaniyah was established in 1784 by Ibrahim Pashai Baban, and the city was the capital of Baban Kingdom.
 In Sulaimaniyah, beside the agricultural sector, the other sectors such as industrial and commercial have been improved. These improvements are considered as examples to the other sectors in the city, which led to development in cultural and political field as well. It is worth mentioning that Sulaimayah is the birthplace of many famous personalities and figures in the Kurdish region.

Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The SCCI is an independent, nongovernmental and legal centre, which is considered as a reliable association for traders, manufacturers and company owners and it works and reassures the benefits of traders.
The SCCI was established by some traders as a commercial and financial supporter in Kurdistan, and in the mid sixties it held its first meeting on 11th May 1967, since then committees were organized and memberships were given.

Sulaimaniyah International Expo (SIE)
The Sulaimaniyah International Expo is a successful and important part of (SCCI), which is the only chamber of commerce to have its own exhibitions in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iraq.
It was built in Tasluja Area in 2005, since then many private and International Exhibitions have been arranged and supervised by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) annually.
The Sulaimaniyah International Expo is a strategic project. The Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry works on arranging and making connections with the world for building and creating intensive relationships with the other parts of the world.
Duties & Objectives
From the early beginning of the establishment of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, it has committed to democratic implementation in managing and representing the traders. It had managed 11 elections until 2010. The last election resulted in a series of important economical projects in  Sulaimaniyah.
 The Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce & Industry is considered as a centre of connection and cohesion between the private sectors and the Governmental Associations. It plays a great role in making crucial economical decisions as well as provides advanced plans to renew and improve the National Economy.

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